To the Editor:

As a young student myself, I take pride in my education, my philosophical development, and sociability on an intellectual level. I find that my town of Darien takes much pride in the sports achievements of its athletes. What a shame it is that the academic achievements of our great scholars are not reciprocated in the same way. I appreciate all talents, whether they be artistic, athletic, or intellectual, and I wish Darien’s appreciation would be recognized as such, especially in something like the newspaper.

Maybe this sounds like just an egotistical teenager trying to change the culture in her town, but I would like to help glorify our town in a new way. The Darien Times is an important aspect of the town, and it would be nice if the newspaper could help reign in younger voices to share their thoughts and opinions. Football and basketball are great too, but an individual's ability to capture their world in a few words and phrases is a talent that should be cherished just as deeply.

I love writing, but I don't write in this town. I am no part of this community really; I don't know anybody, and nobody knows me. I go to school elsewhere, where I feel like more people respect my artwork.

I hope I can hear more young voices in the newspaper of the town, whether that be my own or others. I would really love to have a better connection with my town, and I am hoping The Darien Times can assist me in the process.

Clara Goulding