Carol Smith and her many volunteers at the DCA Thrift Shop deserve special thanks for the fantastic fashion show they presented on Tuesday, April 3, at the DCA. I can only imagine all of the hard work that went into organizing this fund-raising extravaganza.

Showcased were designer fashions from St. John knits, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, to Lilly Pulitzer floral prints, all perfectly accessorized with scarves, shoes, hand bags and hats.

More than 30 models who are also thrift shop volunteers walked the DCA runway for DCA members and guests who enjoyed a lunch, coffee and dessert while watching the amazing fashion parade. Prices were so reasonable that entire designer outfits could be purchased for under $50.

If you missed the fashion show, be sure to stop by the DCA Thrift Shop on the Post Road in Darien, where many bargains may still be available.

Karen Polett


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