To the Editor:

I'm writing to express thanks and gratitude to you and your team for the vital community role the Darien Times has fulfilled in recent weeks.

Having lived in Darien for just over five years the Darien Times has always been my primary source of local news, both in print and online. However, in recent weeks it has become a vital source of information for the latest COVID-19 developments within our community.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis the Darien Times has punched well above its weight by providing real time news, digital updates and opinion in a style and format any national news title would be proud of.

In a community such as ours with a well read, well educated and savvy audience it is also appreciated that the Darien Times has not shied away from saying what needs to be said, this recent editorial being an example. This is vital when all to often we witness the trust and integrity of national news media being questioned.

In these times when local news as is important as national news the Darien Times serves as an exemplar of how to do news, underscoring the vital role local media plays in our communities.

Thank you again for the work of you and your team, and your contributions to the fabric of Darien. Keep up the great work!

Will Lewis