To the Editor:

We just want to thank every person involved in your publication for your efforts great and small at this strange time of fasting from life as we have known it. Amidst all the global and national stories are the equally important granular ones that unfold daily. Their stories deserve telling.

On March 20, Jordan Fenster responded to a request from me for more information on elderly shopping hours (things were just getting underway in that regard) —and passed the email on to the Darien Times editor, Susan Shultz.

Susan responded immediately with all sorts of recommendations about food delivery and the ways in which our local organizations and businesses were rising to the challenge. She put me in touch with Nancy Coughlin of Person to Person, Ali Ramsteck, Director of Darien Human Services and Bridget Fox of United Way of Western Connecticut.

These contacts became vitally important on April 1, when we learned that a housebound chronically ill friend in Stamford urgently needed some supplies —and literally had no way of getting them. After this request for help was shared with the above, they went into action. Nancy Coughlin bought and was ready to personally deliver the necessary items (her assistant Megan actually made the delivery the following day). Ali and Bridget reached out to our friend and put some longer-term resources into action.

We would also like to thank Jordan Fenster who from the start has tried to dig up and include a mix of light news along with the dire in his excellent reporting. It must have been difficult at times. That mix has been uplifting —no other way to put it.

Bravo to Hearst Media CT and the Darien Times.

We are including here an amazing photo taken by David Pulliam of St. Lukes Darien. It's the inside of their Anderson Community and Youth Center, which is being used by Person to Person to more expeditiously distribute food to those in need than their current space allows. Bravo to everyone who has donated to Person to Person -- and to the good work of their staff and volunteers.

Alec and Gail Wiggin