To the Editor:

Recently, having been away from town for almost a month, I spent time reading four consecutive issues of the Darien Times. It was informative and refreshing to be able to get a comprehensive update of all the activities in town. (And yes, I know there is an online weekly version and daily online updates, which I occasionally accessed.) But for me, the print version is still the most complete, allowing one to conveniently see news and issues from all sides. It strongly reminded me of what I know so many of us just take for granted ... the importance and vitality of a local press. In these days of fractured, polarized, un-professional “journalism”, local, genuine journalism is more and more vital. Editorial coverage and article after article by the team of dedicated and professional reporters, like Sandi Fox and our long time Editor, Susan Shultz are a town treasure. And something we should be especially thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Peter F. Eder