To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Thank you for devoting your column this past week to promoting our local merchants-restaurants, shops, and the service providers of our Darien community. Your editorial naturally is “close to the heart” of the Chamber of Commerce. We love our local businesses and we want them to succeed. The best strategy is for us all to do business locally as often as we can!

Read the editorial here.

Darien’s “brick and mortar” stores and eateries are an integral part of Darien. The various owners are all entrepreneurs that have put their heart and soul into creating a business to serve Darien. We are blessed to have so many individually owned businesses that bring character and personality to our town. Many have employees that depend on their jobs to feed their families. They hire our students for internships or first jobs. They have donated endlessly to our PTO fundraisers and non-profits.

Our local businesses are so local—some are even their own micro-community where people go to connect with friends! The owners and employees know you by name and care to serve your needs the best way they can. What’s more, they are working very hard to find new ways to serve us all during this pandemic and the reopening of our local economy.

When you have a need, please try and find a way to fill it by making a local purchase with one of our brick and mortar businesses. The Chamber is a wonderful resource to find a local business that you may not be aware of.

Go to or give us a phone call at 203-655-3600. We will be happy to try and help you discover more about our local businesses. You can also enjoy our social media posts @darienctchamber, #darienctchamber, and #dariennow.

Our Darien businesses need us and Darien needs them! Together, we can keep Darien strong!

Susan Cator

President, Executive Director

Cheryl Williams,

Chairman, The Board of Directors

The Darien Chamber of Commerce