To the Editor:

Yesterday’s Spring Grove Veterans Cemetery Ceremony properly honored our fallen service men and women, and I trust it was a step in restoring normalcy to our daily lives as we climb out of the pit COVID-19 has placed us in.

In my thanks to those who made the ceremony possible, I omitted two key ‘behind-the-scenes’ players- Karen and Dave Polett.

Karen and Dave have been a driving force in the Town’s Monuments and Ceremonies Commission for 28 years and have been instrumental in making our town’s Memorial Day Parade and Remembrance Dedication Ceremony special for the past quarter century.

They have now stepped down. I meant to give them an especial thank you, but somehow omitted that thanks in my introduction.

Thank you both, Karen and Dave. Your steady, quiet, and dedicated leadership will be sorely missed.

Terry Gaffney


Memorial Day Parade Committee