To the Editor:

As a community, Darien has proudly committed to the education of our children time and time again. We debate issues, we research new initiatives and techniques, and we talk about metrics, outcomes and mental health, all with the guiding principle that our children are best served to participate in our society when they are healthy, and have a strong educational framework.

In this moment in time, when traditional education models have been re-invented, flipped and reimagined, with an immediacy that no one ever imagined, what has become most clear is that it is our human touch — our teachers, administrators, and support staff who truly play a vital and important role in our children’s education. The importance of their daily interactions with our children, can not be underestimated. And the way in which our staff has stepped up to work to meet the needs of our children is to be commended. From our teachers, our guidance counselors, our nurses, our coaches, our administrative team and all the support in between, our staff is working for our children. Teaching is a calling, and if any moment best demonstrated this, it is now. ELearning is not without its struggles.

And, as a District we continue to learn and adapt. Take input and review outcomes. But as we walk down this long road, we should be proud of so many striving to pave the way so that our children’s futures remain bright and full of hope. What better role models could we ask for then those who lead by example — to answer the call for learning even in the face of adversity.

All of Darien can be proud that in a perfectly imperfect situation our staff has adapted, innovated and has remained committed to serving our children. As a team we will continue to adapt, improve and innovate with the needs of our children as our North Star. On behalf of the Darien Board of Education, I want to thank all those dedicated to ensuring our children receive equitable and robust educations. We will get through this because we are all willing to work together; and we couldn’t be more proud to have you by our side this moment. Thank you.

Tara Ochman


Darien Board of Education