To the Editor:

Thank you. The only words that we, located off-the-sidelines, could muster to capture our debt and gratitude to you for coaching football at Darien High School over the last 13 years.

So, thank you. Hundreds of young Darien players, some of which started back in Darien youth football under your auspifddces, became part of a special fraternity open to all where your coaching and mentorship formula made them into better players and people.

While your success on the field — wins, county and state championships —will be legendary, memorialized and stand the test of time, your true success is the positive impact on so many players not only from Darien but throughout the state.

Over the years, your teams have stepped in to assist football programs from less fortunate communities; all done without fanfare but to genuinely help and to teach your players how important it is to reach across the line of scrimmage to aid their peers in need.

Thank you for providing us —as players, as high school students, as parents and as a community —with such great memories, making our own road a bit more enjoyable. Wherever your light leads, Darien is rooting for you —we know what we had, when we had it, and it was great. So thank you again, thank you so much for all of it.

Blue Wave Booster Club Board