To the Editor:  

It was refreshing to see the Darien Times in an editorial in last week’s paper entitled, ‘Tariff Trouble’, step outside of strictly covering local news. The editorial dealt with new tariffs on paper imposed by the Trump administration. While well intentioned, an editorial regarding tariffs on paper coming from a media outlet about the Trump administration seem misdirected.

The President for the last 18 months has been aggressively attacking many of our institutions completely ignoring the rule of law. The media, with the exception of Fox News, has been a primary target. The President relishes discharging disparaging tweets about reporters and newspapers. We are living in such a debased moment in the way this President talks about people. The media has borne the brunt of his scorn.

The rule of law in our country is in greater jeopardy now more than ever before. Recent developments in Washington have increased the likelihood that in the next few days or hours the President may act against Attorney General Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, and/or Special Counsel Mueller. The President’s intention is clear – to end Mueller’s investigation.  

We don’t like to see operational costs such as a tariff on paper increase. However, the greater threat to media outlets such as The Darien Times comes from an administration that threatens the very existence of a free press. The cost of paper will quickly be forgotten when the freedoms many died for to write those words are suppressed and those words are prevented from ever being published.

Randy Klein

19 Salt Box Lane