To the Editor:

I have been following the progress of the Parks & Recreation Commission on the Pear Tree Point Beach renovations and want to voice my support.

Pear Tree is a small beach, peaceful and picturesque, but it could use a facelift. We have lived in Darien for 25 years and the only “improvement” I’ve noticed has been a coat of paint on the bathhouse. Following the improvements to Weed Beach , it is now Pear Tree’s turn.

I see two specific areas for improvement at Pear Tree. The bathhouse is old, unappealing and simply looks bad. It’s supposed to be an amenity, but I think it has the opposite effect. All the times I’ve been to the beach with my children, we made every effort to avoid using the bathrooms; that’s neither helpful nor healthy. I like the idea of an attractive pavilion with clean bathrooms and space for lots of families to eat comfortably.

The second area is the parking lot. Ecologically, a paved, impervious parking lot on the waterfront is extremely unhealthy. A barrier of dunes between the beach and the parking lot would improve the aesthetics and provide a buffer against flooding and the flow of pollutants into the Sound. Dunes will slow the velocity of the water in both directions, lessening the flooding into the parking lot as well as the amount oil, trash, etc. that now flows back into the Sound with the receding water. We will give up a few parking spots, but the convenience of driving a car to the water’s edge is not worth nearly as much as the health of Long Island Sound. The health of the Sound should be our top priority.

Our beaches are some of Darien’s greatest assets. I am grateful to Parks & Rec for recognizing a need and investing in improving these resources. Their attention will pay dividends for residents for many years.

Bob Mazzone

Boston Post Road