The following letter was sent to Darien Police Chief Don Anderson. It is reprinted here with the writer’s permission.

To the Editor:

I, Rhea Bhat, am the Secretary of the Darien chapter of (SADD) Student Against Destructive Decisions. On behalf of our presidents, Georgia Sheehan and Eva Larino, and the SADD chapter at the Darien Depot, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and the entire Darien Police Department for all of your service to our town in these unprecedented times.

We understand that this is no easy task, especially when our world seems so uncertain. While we are all staying at home, protected, all of you are working to ensure our safety. We wanted to express our appreciation for everything that you are doing. You all are true heroes in our eyes. We are eternally thankful to the Darien Police Department for keeping our community safe. We hope you are safe and healthy!

Rhea Bhat and Students Against Destructive Decisions