Letter: Student to offer ordinance putting composting bins at schools, next to grocers

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

As time goes on, our planet is more and more in need of our help. Habitats and species are being lost left and right with little end in sight. I am born and raised in Darien, Connecticut, and while I have observed some attempts to curb climate change, much more action is needed. Unfortunately, time is not on our side.

Darien’s government is not responsible for our climate crisis but it must lead by example and commit to serious changes. Darien is blessed with beautiful recreational facilities and storefronts but I believe we turn a blind eye to the damage we are doing (to) the nature around us. We have prioritized the economic gain from real estate development at the expense of our climate. These choices may benefit our town in the short run but over the long term create even more risks to our environment.

It has been proven by science that we have a limited time to reverse the climate crisis. We are all feeling the effects of climate change this summer whether it be the record-breaking temperatures across the U.S. or the increased frequency of severe storms such as Hurricane Elsa, which recently brought damage to our town. While we are small players in terms of the scale of the world’s climate crisis, we can do our part to change the course of our climate crisis.

To this end, I plan to put forth an ordinance to the Town of Darien. My ordinance would be called Make Darien Greener (MDG). Through MDG, I hope to improve the welfare of our town and the environment. This ordinance would require composting bins in all Darien public schools and next to local grocers. It has been shown that composting organic waste versus landfilling can reduce more than 50 percent of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. With the implementation of this ordinance, my goal would be by 2024, when I graduate high school, Darien will have placed composting bins in all public schools and next to all grocers. Just imagine what an impact our local restaurants could make by simply composting their food waste! Actions like these, while not large, will help preserve our planet. To protect the earth for future generations, we must act now.

Bobby Callagy