An open letter to the clergy in Darien.

To the Editor:

For full disclosure, I am a practicing Catholic, a convert who was a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church during the “Miracle in Darien” period under Fr. Terry Fullam. I read with great interest your Letter to the Editor entitled “An Open Letter to the Town of Darien, From Your Clergy.

I will be blunt. If what you state in your letter to be your best course of action to “serve your congregations,” “live out your faith” and your “commitment to action,” you are failing miserably in your service to Christ’s church. All that you and the various marches and vigils that have been held here in Darien over these past few weeks are doing is virtue signaling. And so, you have all decided to signal your virtue by attending Struggle Meetings hosted by the UCC.

Your mission is to make known Christ crucified as the salvation for the souls of all mankind. Fr. Fullam preached Christ and Christ alone, and his pews were packed every Sunday. So much so that services were ultimately moved to the DHS auditorium. And while Jesus came into this world as a man and did not separate himself from all the causes on the earth during the time of his ministry, He certainly was concerned for the poor and disadvantaged, however His concern was for the state of the souls of all man first. His concern was for the Kingdom of God and not the kingdoms of this world. His mission was to transform man’s hearts to be in conformity with His heart.

The sin of racism, discrimination or any of the other egregious sins of men should be made known to every person possible, along with the merciful and redeeming love of God through Christ. The consequences of ignoring sin, any sin, in one’s own life is spiritual death, and this is the mission to which you were all called. You were not called to be social workers or activists. Although you live in the world and certainly may be concerned for the causes that surround you, you are not of the world. You are not called to lead social justice movements, you are called to lead as many as possible to Christ.

In my 33 years here in Darien, I have known many, many good and kind people. However, I have great concerns for many of their souls. I say this because (and I realize that most of you are Protestants) I am concerned that many of these good and kind people have never performed a true examination of their lives. I am certainly not the judge of another’s soul, however as pastors and priests I do believe that it is your job to call out both the faithful and unfaithful alike to examine our lives in the light of Christ and Christ alone. And to call all our hearts to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

It is my opinion that no marches, vigils or community activism will bring hearts closer to Christ. We have a lot of work to do without concerning ourselves with the cause du jour.

Bill Klein