To the Editor:

I can’t thank the Darien Library and the YWCA enough for hosting the library talk on July 13, where they invited Debby White, the author of “Waking up White,” to speak to us. It was a very encouraging talk and I thought I should write this letter.

I was shocked by Ms. Olga Nikolas’s comment in last week’s paper in response to my article about the minority support group that I am launching and speaking about the “I’m a victim approach” that minorities allegedly often take, and stating that there is often a desire among minorities to place guilt on their white neighbors.

I admit that outright racism might not have been the right word, but there are many instances of “unconscious bias” that minorities suffer from where minorities are judged on the basis of underlying stereotypes that are unfairly attributed to them, even if there is not a concerted effort to be racist.

Comments such as Ms. Nikolas’s don’t take into account the perspective of minorities, serve to cause division in Darien and discourage the young generation who are trying to make a difference by taking action, such as by organizing the Black Lives Matter march. Additionally, it’s an unfortunate reality that minority children are bullied at schools in town and that they and their parents are suffering, and we need to make Darien a more welcoming and inclusive place. Her comments won’t discourage me and I will keep trying to make Darien a more diverse place in a peaceful manner, such as by launching my support group. My support/discussion group, Minority Voice, will have our first meeting in the last week of July.

Nobu Miki