Letter: Republicans are not the enemy

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

I have tried not to get embroiled in political debates for the last year, but I have to rebut Vincent Arguimbeau’s letter of last week. Your statement “Republican party is a lawless proponent of mob rule” is a viciously gross overstatement.

How can you label 74 million (plus) Republicans in this way? Because of what happened at the Capital? Do you think the behavior of the criminals, who broke from the peaceful rally to carry out their more sinister plot, validates labeling every Republican in this country a lawless proponent of mob rule? We are not the enemy. We are all Americans. We are still a two party system where everyone should have an equal voice without reprisal.

And does this mean that the lives of those in the Capital Building are more important than any other American? I stand with the American people who watched helplessly for almost all of 2020 while their lives and dreams were crushed, their businesses destroyed, residents assaulted - arson, looting, vandalism, assaults — how many police died just trying to do their jobs, (and please don’t devolve into a BLM debate - that’s not what this is about)? Not one of the Democrat leaders lifted a finger to stop this - even when Trump offered to send in help - Nancy Pelosi summed it up with “people will do what people do” - really?

I know I will get a lot of vitriol over my stance on this. But I no longer care. I am a proud Republican. I am proud of the Republicans who represent us both locally here in Darien and countrywide and yes I did vote for Trump -that was my choice, my Constitutionally entitled choice — yet I was afraid to hang a Trump/Pence sign in my yard for fear of repercussions… We (Republicans) were not given the freedom to express our opinions and choices- even at the polling stations in November there were no Trump signs anywhere - why?

Nanci Natale

Darien Republican