To the Editor:

I am a member of the RTM Public Health and Safety Committee and I have started a project here in Darien to supply our town with homemade washable face masks!

Our own wonderful Erika Allen from Make Modern (formerly the Handwork School) has put together a flyer which can be found on the town website:

And even a video on how to make your own masks:

We are also organizing volunteers crafters and sewers to make homemade washable masks for those in our community who cannot make or buy their own masks, including our local restaurants and assisted living facilities. We need all sorts of volunteers, not just the ones with sewing machines as we’d like to get donated material (cotton fabric, elastic, shoelaces, bias tape, ribbons, etc) to put together mask making kits for our sewers and we will need some people for distribution.

Next week, our a public Health Director, David Knauf, will have a bin at the entrance of Town Hall for all homemade mask drop offs.

Please email me with any questions or to volunteer at to volunteer or for more info.

Virginia Jijon-Caamaño

Representative Town Meeting member

Health and Safety Committee