To the Editor:

We bike because we can. Mask-less and free, off we go, socially distanced and mobile, the breeze cooling our face as we take in the rugged, avian-filled scenery that is the Connecticut coast.

I love biking. But when I drive my car, I only love safe biking. Groups of bikers swirl in and out of lanes, and automobile drivers make quick choices — sometimes threading between ongoing traffic and bikers, other times swerving into the left lane then back before a blind curve. We try to be safe. But when bikers wear no helmets, those choices are riddled with anxiety. Lately, I’ve seen quite a few adults, teens, even grade school children without helmets.

My high school close friend’s (I’ll call her D.J.) husband didn’t wear a helmet once. He was away visiting a friend and took a bike ride with him. The car driver was not speeding or reckless. He threaded his car between ongoing traffic and biker right when the biker turned to avoid a pothole. It was an accident. D. J.’s husband’s head hit the pavement.

D.J. was home with her four-year-old and two-year-old boys when the call came. She thought it was him calling to tell her the plane’s arrival time. The children were going with her to pick up their Dad. The call, instead, informed her he had been taken from their lives forever.

This year, 2020 has reminded us just how precious life is. Please wear a helmet.

Debbie Ann Ice