Letter: Please get involved now and say 'enough'

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

This Saturday we celebrate our country’s birthday and with it there is a great deal of which we can be proud. Our founders were keenly aware of how fragile our experiment in democracy was then and how important it would be for us, as citizens, to keep it.

Unfortunately, the events of this past weekend reveal how the current administration continually threatens our safety and security daily. On Friday night reports from all the news media began to break that Russia, at the direction of Mr. Putin, had offered a bounty to Taliban soldiers to be placed on the heads of American military personnel. Shockingly the White House was made aware of this bounty several months ago and has not acted since.

Yesterday, Mr. Trump, retweeted a video in approval, clearly showing several individuals chanting ‘white power.’ Sadly, this came after June began with Mr. Trump’s callous photo op at Lafayette Park and weeks of protest regarding the murder of George Floyd.

In Darien we are truly fortunate in so many ways. However, on July 4, we cannot forget the values of those who fought and died for us. We cannot tolerate a President who will sell out or look the other way to protect our soldiers. We cannot accept a President who seeks to divide us using fear and racism as weapons only for his own selfish needs. Please get involved now and say ‘enough.’ Please join fellow Darien residents and get involved with ANDD —The Action Network of Darien Democrats. Please visit us at www.anddems.com.

Randall Klein