To the Editor:

Since the pandemic started and gyms have been closed, people have been walking a lot more. I live on Holmes Ave. and have noticed a tremendous increase in foot traffic past my home. I welcome them and am glad people are exercising. We don’t consider it an inconvenience. But in certain neighborhoods in town, I have read that the residents resent their fellow Darienites walking past their homes.

They consider it an invasion of their privacy. How elitist can someone be to snub their noses in this fashion?

UPDATE: The letter writer was attempting to walk into the private neighborhood of Noroton Bay. As a result, we examined the rules for private neighborhoods here.

My wife and I have been doing a lot of walking since the YMCA is closed. We walk in our own neighborhood, as well as driving to Sherwood Island, Cove Island and other places.

Last week, we parked at Pear Tree Point and walked that neighborhood and admired the homes.

Today was a different story. We drove to Weed Beach and wanted to walk Nearwater Lane, where we were met by a man and a security guard, who would not let us pass. The residents of course could not be upset by the outside rabble walking by.

We are all going through the Covid-19 crisis together.

For those who resent pedestrians, they should have a little common sense and compassion. This will not last forever. We have lived here for 28 years and have never been treated this way. We have also walked that area before. I am ashamed to confirm the claims of Darien snobbishness and am embarrassed to say I live here.

John and Joanne Driscoll