To the Editor:

I respectfully point out that the writer inaccurately characterizes the Commission’s deliberations regarding Pear Tree Beach.

At its Nov. 28, 2018 meeting the Commission reviewed two items previously defined by the Commission as objectives for the Building Committee: possibility of a year-round concession and facilities to support catered events to maximize return-on-investment; and add two multi-purpose rooms to bathhouse that can be rented out for programs, parties, meetings, etc.

The request to the Commission to reconsider both of these objectives was made by me based upon information provided by Jeremy Ginsberg, Director of Darien Planning & Zoning to the newly formed Building Committee on Nov. 14, 2018 as well as feedback from members of the Community.

Following lengthy deliberation at its Nov. 28 meeting, the Parks & Recreation Commission voted to remove the two objectives in question and approved that the addition of ‘flexible community space’ be considered at Pear Tree Beach. As the design for a possible new structure at Pear Tree Beach has progressed, this ‘flexible community space’ has taken the form of an elevated, 650-sq-foot room with large doors allowing it to be transformed into an open-air space with surrounding deck to provide the community with new ways to enjoy the beauty of Pear Tree Beach in the magnificent setting of Darien harbor.

The Pear Tree Beach Building Committee is fast approaching its one-year anniversary. During this period, both the committee and commission have welcomed input from the community. The committee, in turn, has made adjustments to a number of proposed features based upon this feedback. With sincere respect for all points of view, the Committee is charged with proposing solutions that will benefit the entire community. As we continue our efforts, we will diligently work to fulfill that charge.

Mike Sgroe

Co-chairman, Pear Tree Beach Building Committee

Member, Darien Parks & Recreation Commission