To the Editor:

I have never met Ms. Bixler, but I read with interest her letter to the editor (April 30) regarding the high volume of pedestrian and cycling traffic on Pear Tree Point Rd. I am surprised she is surprised. That road is always busy in nice weather, regardless of whether the beach is open or not. Instead of the sensible proposal Ms. Bixler makes for making that road one-way in summer months, the town is intentionally working to make this busy narrow road with blind curves even busier.

“Pear Tree Point Road is an obstacle course” — Read Bixler’s letter here.

The current development plan for Pear Tree Point Beach is specifically intended to increase usage of the park, which will generate significantly more car traffic on Pear Tree Point Road. How much more?

Good question. Despite repeated requests to the selectmen, the Parks & Rec Commission, and the Pear Tree Point Beach building committee, there is no plan to conduct a road traffic study in conjunction with this multi-million dollar project. Indeed, I was told in a public meeting of the PTPBBC that a traffic study would be limited to the parking lot. They just don’t care about this. Indeed, several Parks & Rec commission members as well as town employees have made disparaging remarks about people concerned with the traffic increase.

It seems reasonable for taxpayers to expect a real traffic study so the public can make informed input on the advisability of erecting a $3 million, two-story building with a commercial kitchen intended to be rented out year ‘round. I wish our town leaders would use as much common sense as Ms. Bixler in examining the entire eco-system they plan to disrupt.

H P Boyle