To the Editor:

I wrote to you pointing out that the town resident survey placed rental/event spaces at the very bottom of citizens’ priorities and none were mentioned in the town plan for the beach. Both documents can be found on

The chairman of the beach building committee in his letter of last week helpfully confirmed that “flexible event spaces” were added well after the committee began work (November 2018).He claimed to be responsive to citizens’ comments

What has he done in response to a torrent of appeals from across the town to upgrade the existing buildings (for less $100,000 in total)? Refused to even study it.

Instead he is spending $140,000 on architect fees for a two story, elevator-equipped rental/event space, supported on pilings driven into a sandbar in an extreme flood zone.This will cost millions to build and a fortune to maintain.

Town officials aren’t listening and seem oblivious that tax payers are struggling and many are selling up and leaving.

Jim Errington