To the Editor:

How determined is Parks and Rec to develop Pear Tree Point Beach? They remain “all systems go” in spending over $2.5 million on a two story, commercial kitchen with a marine-hardened elevator to be rented out to generate revenue. Despite an April 15 letter from First Selectman Jayme Stevenson that put a one-year hold on the project, the building committee met on May 6 and voted to approve the application for permitting of the project.

A couple of other things they snuck in there — the costs are going well beyond the $2.5 million previous estimate. They will raise the parking lot by two feet and and dredge part of the harbor. When one committee member was asked what the cost of of these additions would be, the chairman said they would be presenting costs not in terms of project total, but in terms of cost per household — Another maneuver designed to hide the full cost of this development.

Another big one: the chairman finally acknowledged that the development is, in his words, “overwhelming opposed” by citizens at public meetings. Should Parks & Rec be commercially developing our town parks without community support? To whom are they accountable?

And still no mention of the developments impact on increased flooding of Pear Tree Point Rd or the increased traffic on it.

This is local government at its worst. The project should not be proceeding in a cloak of darkness and contrary to the wishes of the townspeople. I urge the selectmen and relevant RTM members to look into what is going on here. Start over. First determine what people want before commercially developing a park. We deserve transparent government.

H. P. Boyle