To the Editor:

I was encouraged to read Jayme Stevenson’s response to Jim Errington’s letter on the Pear Tree Point Beach development process. While I agree with Mr. Errington on many of his points about the process, I believe Ms. Stevenson has finally done the right thing in slowing down this process (as I called for in a previous letter to the editor).

We do indeed, need the facts about the site. In addition to what Ms. Stevenson mentioned in her response, I would urge her to look at actual usage studies of the the park; the Parks & Rec refusal to do a traffic study is particularly poor town planning. In particular, she should look carefully at usage of the concession stand before investing an estimated (by the architect) $100,000 in kitchen equipment. But just as importantly, she should require an estimate of the ongoing maintenance expense of the commercial kitchen with a marine-hardened elevator.

This development should be required to do at least all of the studies any other commercial development in the town would need to do. We need all the fact, not just the ones that Parks & Rec wants us to have.

As noted in my previous letters, I am against this development for the following reasons:

1. It is against the will of the town as expressed in the town survey

2. It will totally change the nature of the park to a more commercial experience.

3. It is an environmental mistake.

4. At over $1,500 per usable square foot, it is an obvious folly.

5. The process has been what I have called “Putin-esque”—all for show, with no reflection of public comment.

I am cautiously optimistic that, once in possession of all the facts, Ms. Stevenson will convert this development to a more practical refurbishment of the facilities.

H. P. Boyle