Paper should lecture less and report more

To the Editor:

I just read your editorial about how people in Darien are just waking up to the building plans for Peer Tree Point Beach.

Where has the Darien Times been? Yes a dozen articles, but little reporting on the key facts.

Where were you when the chair of the building committee said that cost is irrelevant, whatever the cost the town will just bond for it?

Where were you when the appointed head of the Parks & Rec Commission said they do not take public comment into account in their deliberations? That only disgruntled people come to their meetings.

Where were you when the building committee cut off public comment to let their architect expound at length on why they should spend the taxpayers’ money on this project?

Where were you when the architect admitted he was being directed by the Parks & Rec Commissioner ex parts on what to build? Why have a committee at all?

Think I’m making this up? It’s all there on video tape.

You call out the townspeople for not participating in their own democracy. Yet you as the fourth estate neglect your role in holding power to account.

Please, less lecturing and more journalism!

H Perry Boyle