To the Editor:

To a person, Darien has experienced, thoughtful and caring Democrats on the Representative Town Meeting and on all boards and committees. The residents of Darien are grateful for the time and dedication of our local public servants. Republicans and Democrats work well together, and it shows.

The Democratic Town Committee had a strong hand in finding fine candidates to town offices. However, where the DTC’s performance is often disappointing is in the discourse when state and municipal interests collide. For example, in last year’s effort to “regionalize” schools, the response by the DTC leadership was slow and not forceful.

The DTC said that it needed to debate the issue first. There is nothing debatable about what House Speaker Aresimowicz and Majority Leader Duff, both in the employ of the unions, one contractually, the other virtually, proposed. Democrats in small towns elsewhere in Connecticut rose up strongly and helped to defeat the plan, although it may just be “undead.”

If the new effort by the town Democrats in creating a PAC is intended to have a stronger voice for municipalities in Hartford, then this is a welcome development. Many sound proposals by Republicans to bring fiscal sanity back to the Assembly, have fallen on deaf ears. Why doesn’t the new group of Democrats in Darien bring the message of fiscal responsibility to their Hartford colleagues?

This concept, widely shared by Democratic voters in Darien, has never been more urgently needed for the consideration by State Democrats than now when their caucus has drifted to the left. The socialists are on a warpath. Unfunded liabilities and union benefits are completely out of control. The uniting mission for the R’s and the D’s must be to keep the State’s hands off our schools and our budgets, and to find solutions for Connecticut’s fiscal disaster on the state level, not in the towns

Bert von Stuelpnagel

Republican Town Committee Treasurer