To the Editor:

Thank you, Alexander Davidson, vice chair of the Darien Republican Town Committee, ( letter: Darien’s new Democratic PAC is repackaged booster for same bad ideas ) for joining the Action Network of Darien Democrats’ conversation highlighting the importance of voter participation in the political process. Whether that participation is volunteering or running for public office, it’s all welcomed. Sadly, the name calling in the letter is an unnecessary part of this conversation.

Elections are about choices. It’s always a missed opportunity when voters don’t have a choice. This have been reflected in voter turnout in the November 2019 municipal election. The voter turnout total was 28%. There was a time in Darien when the municipal election turnout total was 43+%. Voter turnout is important, one of ANDD’s goals is to increase Democratic voter turnout.

The Action Network of Darien Democrats, ANDD is an independent organization which brings local Democrats together to work to elect democrats to local, state and national office. Weekly, more Democrats are becoming engaged in our efforts, and as our organization continues to grow, the number of our activities are increasing.

Members of ANDD will continue to be busy working to elect Democrats. ANDD will respond to needless attacks and name calling. We are looking forward to a day when incivility is absent from the political dialogue. It’s worth the time to take a few minutes to reread the editorial written by Susan Shultz, “ Politics is a losing game; we will always be neighbors as long as we live in Darien ,” published 9/3/19. She ended this way, “November will come and go, and politics is a losing game. We will always be neighbors as long as we live in Darien, regardless of where we specifically live…..We don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but let’s remember to treat each other as, at the very least, neighbors. The town is just too small for us to regard one another as anything else.”

Visit our website and join the action.

The Action Network of Darien Democrats