To the Editor:

There were exchanges of opinions in this letters section about “Minority Voice,” my new support group for women, so I’d like to report back on how our first Zoom meeting went.

Shockingly and sadly, the level of unconscious bias in Darien was worse than I thought, and some of the actions that were described by participants bordered on outright racism. It looks like the divisions that have been created in this country following the election of our current president have infiltrated our community as well.

I’m the luckiest minority woman in Darien since I have had many opportunities to get to know so many wonderful, open-hearted and kind people in Darien through my art and events, so this wasn’t something I was focused on before the renewed focus on matters like this following the death of George Floyd. I wonder how many minority women get to see the beautiful side of Darien —to make sure more minority women can see this side of Darien, I plan on organizing events focused on inclusivity along with my annual outdoor art event next year.

My purpose for creating the group was to support minority women in Darien and letting them know they’re not alone, and I feel that these objectives were already achieved at the first meeting. As a bonus, I made new friends that are decades younger! The next meeting will be held in the last week of August. Please contact me if you'd like to join at

Nobu Miki