To the Editor:

After 12 years for David and 28 years of volunteer service for me, we could not leave Darien’s Monuments and Ceremonies Commission without giving special thanks to so many people who made our years so rewarding and our ceremonies so successful. It was certainly an honor we enjoyed and a pleasure and privilege to serve the Darien community. All the selectmen we have served under including First Selectman Jayme Stevenson have always been extremely supportive.

Special thanks and eternal gratitude to Darien Times editor Susan Shultz, for the tribute she paid us in dedicating the 2020 Memorial Day Veterans Section of The Darien Times to us, for our community service, especially toward veterans. Thanks to Sandra Fox whose articles and interviews were always spot on. A huge thank you to the Darien Historical Society Executive Director Maggie McIntire, President, Bob Pascal, Historian, Ken Reiss and the Society’s Board of the Directors for the “Shout Out” thanking us for our combined 40 plus years of volunteerism.

Thank you also to the bicentennial sub committee chairman Alan Miller; veteran street sign committee chairman Lucy Berry and to the untiring efforts of the cemetery committee chairman, the late Sharon Kells and vice chairman Tracy Root. It is our hope that these committees continue to thrive and flourish. Thank you to Rebecca Siciliano for keeping the Town Hall Display Case filled and to Terry Gaffney for taking the reins of the M&C Commission. We were grateful to our 2020 Parade Grand Marshal, Allan Bixler and wife, Sharon for their unwavering support. And of course, we could not have functioned so seamlessly without the help of the Darien Town Hall Administrative Assistants, Linda O’Leary and Karen Dunn.

Special thanks also to the Darien VFW Post #6933 and their Honor Guard; Commander Lenny Hunter and Scott Vanderheyden. They eagerly partnered with our commission on so many Flag Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day Parades and ceremonies. Thank you to the Darien Police who were always so professional and cooperative with traffic control and attendance at events. How fortunate we are for their support.

Thank you to the media outlets including especially, David Gurliacci of the Darienite, and Alfred Branch of Darien Patch who published articles, notices and photos of our ceremonies. Special heartfelt thanks to the many town and state officials and a well-deserved thank you to the Darien citizens who faithfully attended our town-sponsored events.

Although we are retiring from the M&C Commission, we will continue to live in Darien and simply enjoy more flexibility in our lives. All of our very best wishes to the M&C Commission members and to the Town of Darien.

With humble gratitude —

Karen Kreitzberger and David Polett