To the Editor:

Warren Buffet this week said, “never bet against America.”

Truer words may never have been spoken. But in order for the American miracle to continue we need to see a return of common sense and civil liberties. And I pray those return soon. We have slammed shut the world’s strongest economy to deal with this pandemic. Yet here we are in May, and only 8/10s of 1% of the population of Connecticut has been confirmed with the disease. That’s 0.8%, about 30,000 people. But the government has forced almost 450,000 people out of work. And far too many of them lived on the financial edge before this debacle. Tens of thousands of businesses are likely to go bankrupt. And now, due to monomaniacal focus on the virus, our health care system and local hospitals are under great financial strain.

But our leaders insist we can’t start up yet. And I can’t figure out why. The issues we face are clear. And the optimal solutions are clear, especially the most important one — protect the folks most at risk, the elderly and the infirm. But set the rest of us free.

I’m made it into my 60s by making, on balance, pretty good decisions. I am quite sure, at this point in my life, I know how to manage me better than anybody in Hartford. Perhaps I was gullible thinking when I was at the ballot box I was choosing political leaders when it turns out I was electing nannies.

It is time to reopen the Connecticut economy. It is time for our “nannies” to get out of the way; yes, protect those who need the state’s help but leave the rest us unencumbered to exercise our civil liberties and best judgments. The American miracle will only continue if Americans are empowered to succeed.

Tom Joyce