To the Editor:

1. There are 3,200 Democrats and 5,000 unaffiliated registered voters in Darien. There are 5,600 Republican voters registered in Darien.

2. Hillary Clinton won the vote for President in 2016 defeating Donald Trump in our town.

I have lived in Darien since 1974. I have focused much of my working career and political interests in New York City where I worked for four mayors. But lately, I have become aware that “All politics are local.”

Recently, I joined a newly established PAC (Political Action Committee) which has been formed by a group of Darien Democrats, titled ANDD, (Action Network of Darien Democrats). I attended my first meeting at town hall last week and met a group of bright dedicated residents who shared my urgency to remove Donald Trump from office before he totally destroys or democracy. The mission of the group is to elect Democrats; local, state and national (and I would add anyone) who believes that the country is being torn apart and will work to re- establish the principals of democracy and stop the diminution of our moral and ethical standards.

There is a web site you should visit, and see how you can participate in this extraordinary effort. Polling, making calls to local Dems to encourage them to vote, provide information to voters, write informative letters to the local papers, assisting with data mining and analytics, raising money through coffees and home based events and numerous other activities all necessary to accomplish our goals.

As the first line in this letter to the editor states: “there are 3,200 Democrats and 5,000 unaffiliated registered voters in the town of Darien.” How many of you are willing to stand up and be counted? We may not have another chance.

Chip Raymond