To the Editor:

The Davis family would like to send a huge thank you to the Norton Heights Fire Department for rescuing our (very stubborn) five-month-old kitten from high up in a tree on Sunday night. We were so impressed with the whole crew. Zach [McEwan] was the only firefighter’s name we learned during the chaos —but thanks goes to all the gentlemen who helped out.

Our kitten was not cooperative, and these men did not give up. They did not get frustrated when she continued to climb further away from the ladder or ignored their efforts to cautiously spray her with water to encourage her to move in the proper direction.

They worked seamlessly as a team and got creative when the ladder would no longer reach her. They attempted to get to her for over an hour without complaint. It was a happy ending, thank goodness.

My husband and I decided to adopted two kittens (a brother and sister pair) a few weeks into the COVID quarantine, hoping they would lift the spirits of our three kids. These kittens did that and so much more. They have provided many laughs during a not-funny quarantine, much needed snuggling in a time of social distancing and some unnecessary drama (think shredded rolls of precious toilet paper) for our entire family, and it's now hard to imagine day without them. They’re now a daily fixture —racing through the house, napping right in the middle of the family room action, or making a cameo on a work Zoom call. So, again, we are so grateful to the NHFD for saving our kitten from what could have been a very long fall and for saving our family from what would have been another huge disappointment in a year already filled with disappointments.

Here’s to more good things happening in the second half of 2020! Noroton Heights Fire Department, we thank you.

The Davis Family