Letter: Grateful for acceptance from Darien community

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

My dad moved us to Darien when I was in elementary school. As an LGBT+ student in a community where most kids excel at sports, I was always a bit different.

I come from a conservative family, and I could not feel any more support than I do from my family and friends here in Darien. In fact, I feel that most Republicans in our town tend to be socially liberal and accepting.

I want to thank our town leadership, like Jayme Stevenson, for creating a town that is welcoming to all, as you can see from all the pride flags and posters currently displayed at homes all over Darien. The pandemic was hard on everyone, but the town leadership did a great job keeping our schools open so my senior year at DHS could be very memorable.

It’s too bad other towns around us can’t say the same, which shows that we’re definitely doing something right. I hope that all the new people moving into town from NYC will remember to help keep Darien the small town that we know and love. Vote Republican in November.

Luc Ruddy