To the Editor:

I have been going to Pear Tree Point Beach for the past 33 years. Like other residents I enjoy its beauty and serenity. It is one of our town treasures.

However, even treasures become tarnished and need some shining up and care. It is natural for people to be afraid of change, but I am open to the new ideas for this beach. It would be better, in my view, to see the final proposal of the Parks and Recreation Commission for the beach and make up our minds.

The presentation at Monday’s RTM meeting by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the PTPB building committee was interesting and informative. It is clear this is a dedicated group of volunteers who are trying to come up with a proposal that will suit Darien and its entire population of 21,000 people.

I thought the part of the presentation showing all the different building structures that had stood at Pear Tree Point Beach was very interesting. There were many historically different structures there before what we have now. There have been many changes at this beach that I was unaware of before the presentation. Let’s see a final proposal for the newest version of the proposed new structure at Pear Tree Point and then we can all judge it. Let’s give this project a chance and then decide yea or nay. We are a community and fairness matters.

Joan Hendrickson

The writer is the Darien Town Treasurer