To the Editor:

Last week’s municipal elections in Connecticut saw 22 municipalities flipping from Republican leadership to Democratic.

Successful campaigns in neighboring towns such as Trumbull and Weston spoke out loudly and clearly against the divisive disturbing rhetoric and policies that have been tweeted from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  To think that the battle is over would be a grave error. While the narrative has clearly shifted we cannot rest on any short term victories.   A new statewide election cycle for 2018 will begin very shortly with different candidates. The time to get involved and make a difference is now.

Please consider running for office, join a Democratic Town Committee, a resistance group, or just speak out. In Weston, over 20 local Progressive neighborhood groups were formed just after the 2016 Presidential Eeection. These neighborhood groups were captained by concerned mothers who successfully helped deliver the vote last Tuesday. In New Canaan, our next door neighbors just a few miles away with party registration similar to Darien, voter turnout increased by 45%. The Democratic candidate came within six votes of forcing a recount against the pro-Trump candidate. Your voice needs to be heard. Get involved now.

Randy Klein

19 Salt Box Lane