Letter: Former Board of Ed member reiterates she thinks caucus was wrong

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

Last week, I was one of three former Board of Education members that signed a letter to The Darien Times. I did not write as a spokesperson for any organization. I wrote and signed as an individual.

I believe that the Republican Town Committee chairman wanted to the community to know that I am a member of ANDD. To be fully transparent, I have been a member of other non-profit organizations. But, organizations to which I belong are not relevant to the point I tried and evidently, failed to make

I‘ll try to make the point again.

When the majority of any party on any board in Darien meets in private to discuss board matters it may be legal but it violates the intent of rules governing boards and it eliminates the opportunity for public input , comment or oversight.

The BOE members and the chairman of the RTC argue that in fact, the meeting of a majority BOE all from the same party, was not meeting but a caucus.

Here is the Merriam Webster dictionary definition of a caucus:

“A closed meeting of a group of persons of the same political party or faction usually to select candidates or decide policy.”

Since candidates were not selected at the caucus participants must have met to discuss policy. Are caucuses really the way we want to see policy made?

I served and currently serve on the RTM. I was on the Charter Revision Committee, I am the past chairman of the Budget Committee of the BOE. Most recently I chaired the Darien Housing Authority.

I do not know any of the five Board of Ed people who attended the meeting but I assume they are committed volunteers. I believe it was a mistake to hold this meeting or caucus and I hope it never happens again.

Jan Raymond