To the Editor:

In a recent letter to this publication (June 8, 2020) three co-authors, critical of a legal and permissible caucus by Republican members of the Board Education, identified themselves as “former Darien Board of Education members.” Understandably, this was done to bolster the strength and credibility of their opinions and insinuations.

Read the letter here.

But what are readers to conclude from their glaring failure to disclose that they are also members of Action Network of Darien Democrats (ANDD)? In fact, two of the authors are actually founding members of this partisan organization, whose plainly stated mission is “To elect Democrats to local, state and national office.” Is it possible that they intentionally omitted such material information because they knew it would completely and utterly undermine the strength and credibility of their opinions and insinuations in this instance?

I do not fault these writers for expressing their opinion, even though, not surprisingly I disagree with them because caucusing has been used by members of both political parties statewide for years. I would suggest however, that in the future, when they unfairly question the integrity of elected officials, they would do well to avoid undermining their own credibility in the process.

Alexander H Davidson

Chairman, Darien Republican Town Committee