To the Editor:

Many women have come to us in this election season, expressing that they often feel ill-equipped to enter political conversations. They feel intimidated, overwhelmed and turned off by the divisive toxicity that can come from partisan lines and conflicting media hype. And yet, they want to better understand our nation’s political landscape; they want to have opinions on the big issues; they want to engage. As fellow citizens, we find this disconnect to be disheartening.

So we’ve made a choice to create an educational series through our Everwell programming platform that will be a safe space, a non-partisan space, an issue-neutral space, where ordinary citizens can enter the conversation of politics from a beginner’s point of view. Together, participants can ask questions and learn more about some of our nation’s most critical political issues. To better understand these issues, we have invited renowned experts to break down the mainstream opinions and nuances that surround them, and to offer some historical context to enable participants to think for themselves and ultimately form their own opinions.

We believe that we can have these political conversations calmly and rationally; we believe that thoughtfully developing one’s own opinion is empowering; we believe that objectively understanding the perspectives of others can deepen our human bond. This will not be a debate. There will be no candidate endorsing or bashing. This is an educational series—called What do I think?—and it’s for those wanting to be able to articulate their personal opinions, understand alternate perspectives and gain conviction in their personal voting strategies for Nov. 3 and beyond.

Everwell’s What do I think? series will kick off on Monday, Sept. 28 over Zoom as a six-part series leading up to the 2020 Election. We are proud to be partnering with the Darien League of Women Voters and the Campaign School at Yale and thrilled to announce that Emmy Award-winning Everwell member and PBS Frontline producer, Gabrielle Schonder, will facilitate the event together with an extended panel of experts.

We hope that many in our Darien community will join us.

Abby Knott and Lindsay Hurty

Co-founders at Everwell