Letter: Eversource tree removal plans do not consider impact on birds

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

Based upon a press release back in May, Eversource is cutting down more than 100 trees they refer to as “hazardous” in Darien alone. The utility company suggests they have experts - biologists and arborists - who have reviewed all tree trimming and tree destruction strategies.

So, here is my question. Did their experts recommend cutting down trees in May and June - right smack in the middle of nesting season? Because, it’s one thing to cut down 100 trees during a time when we’re recognizing just how critical they are for environmental health; it’s quite another to cut down 100 trees during nesting season.

According to an ornithology study published in the journal of Science in 2019, since 1970, one in four birds have vanished from our Western Hemisphere. Many of these birds are quite common. Juncos. Swallows. Orioles. Warblers. Blackbirds. Finches. Dropping fast. This should shock you. We are losing our birds.

I called Eversource and asked them why they were cutting down trees during May and June. I had to stop her standard speech because she didn’t even mention nesting season. It was as if no one even thought about why May and June would be different from, say, March or September.

Let’s act. Call the utility company. Call your legislator. I personally think we need legislation forcing utilities to consider nesting when planning tree cutting.

Be worried. We’re leaving this world to our children. We want them to watch birds one day, stare at a baby raccoon peeking out of its cavernous home, toss a nut to a squirrel. Lean against a sturdy tree, rooted and thick with generous age.

Debbie Ann Ice