To the Editor:

On Nov. 5, Darien will be conducting its municipal elections. Typically, such election years are marked by low voter turnout. Please don’t skip the voting booth this year. Vote for your town and have your voice heard loud and clear. It matters every year, but especially this one.

There are lifelong politicians and long-entrenched special interest groups in our state capital. Let’s call them “The Grabbing Hands of Hartford.” Most recently they brought you school regionalization. They aren’t up for election this year, but they will certainly be watching the vote count. They want to see if you are paying attention. Are you?

School regionalization may or may not have gone away for good (I doubt it), but rest assured, the next attempt to take away our local control and divert more and more of our tax dollars to the financial black hole in Hartford is just around the next corner. Cronyism and pandering to state employee unions apparently eats up a lot of money. This is no time for indifference. The Grabbing Hands of Hartford are hoping to see that you just don’t care; that you just can’t be bothered showing up to vote; or better yet, that you are lulled or mislead into voting for one of their operatives or allies as an indirect endorsement of their agenda.

As vice chairman of the Darien RTC, I am extremely proud of our candidates this year because of what they stand for rather than their party affiliation. They represent competence and professionalism. They are committed to transparency and accountability in government. They are vocal and steadfast in resisting encroachment from The Grabbing Hands of Hartford. This election has nothing to do with Washington DC, but it does have EVERYTHING to do with sending a loud message to Hartford: Hands Off Our Schools! Hands Off Darien! Vote Republican on November 5.

Alexander H. Davidson

Vice Chairman

Darien Republican Town Committee