Letter: Disappointed in last minute election signs regarding zoning in Darien

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

This campaign season was a long and hard fought one. I congratulate everyone who ran as a candidate and everyone who supported a campaign whether local, state or national.

Unfortunately, shortly before election day signs cropped up all over town that said “Keep Planning & Zoning Local Vote Row B.”

I found these signs disturbing and misleading. Initially I found them troubling because their message was unclear. These signs were meant to push people to vote the Republican line with the implication that Democrats do not support local control of planning and zoning. This is patently false.

I worked at the polls on Election Day as did a few people I know. We were all asked by voters “where is the ballot initiative about zoning?” I was a ballot clerk so I heard it over and over from voters all day and I know that others in other positions at the polls were called over by confused voters. This was perplexing to and unfair to the voters.

Voters need accurate and factual information as they make their decisions. When either party misleads they do a disservice to all voters.

Ann Reed

The writer is the vice chairman of the Darien’s Democratic Town Committee.