To the Editor:

On behalf of The Depot Youth Center, I would like to publicly thank Mr. Frank McGarey, of the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust, for supervising set up of a tent so that students in The Depot’s larger groups and clubs are able to meet safely.

This “tent rising” was not particularly easy — to say the least. It was the most humid day of the summer; flies and mosquitoes having a feast on everyone present (as if the sweating wasn’t enough). Did that stop our “superhero” Mr. McGarey? Not at all. That man was determined the tent would go up. We could not have done it without your expertise knowledge in “tent construction.” Mr. McGarey, thank you again. We appreciate all that you do for the community.

Thank you also to the Noroton Heights Fire Department, who were going to transport the tent and help us set it up (but were called to a large fire), Rod Ramirez and Co., The Depot’s Helping Hands Club, Matthew Taylor, Owen Kniffen and Reid Levenson.

It takes a village.

Janice Marzano

Depot Program Director

The Depot Youth Center