To the Editor:

I wish to correct the record with respect to First Selectman Jayme Stevenson’s suggestion at the June 22 Board of Selectmen meeting that the Darien DTC’s nomination of Sharad Samy to the Darien Police Commission on June 12 anticipated the resignation of Police Commissioner Joyce on June 18.

Any suggestion that the Darien DTC had advance knowledge of the discovery and exposure of Mr. Joyce’s tweets is false. We were shocked and appalled when we learned of them, and we commend the courageous young man who brought these statements to light as well as Selectman David Martin who, upon learning of them, wrote to the first selectman and the Chair of the Police Commission demanding Mr. Joyce’s immediate resignation.

We were also puzzled by Ms. Stevenson asking why the DTC had sent a nomination for the Police Commission when there was “no vacancy.” Our June 12 nominating letter clearly stated that Mr. Samy was being nominated “for the term commencing on July 1, 2020.” That seat, which was not held by Mr. Joyce, is subject to minority party representation rules and we wanted to give the Selectmen time to interview our candidate prior to July 1.

The Darien DTC has nominated a distinguished lawyer with an Ivy league education, who is also a retired U.S. Army Major, a public servant and a community leader. Mr. Samy’s credentials include service to our country as a military lawyer, statewide recognition of his legal talent by the Connecticut Law Tribune, service as a trustee of the State of Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs, a director of A Better Chance Darien, a member of the Darien Board of Assessment Appeals and an organizer of the Darien Push Pull Parade. The list is actually much, much longer and was sent to the Board of Selectmen on June 12 with his nomination.

We hope that the Board of Selectmen will promptly interview and appoint Sharad Samy as Darien’s next Police Commissioner.

David Bayne

Darien DTC Chair