Letter: Demands apology from DTC chair for demeaning comments about Stevenson

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

On July 16, within an article published in The Darien Times announcing the Democrat candidate for First Selectman, Democratic Town Committee Chairman David Bayne provided a quote intended to bolster his candidate.

In his “prepared statement,” Bayne opted to malign outgoing and hugely respected First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. Insinuating that Stevenson — our town’s tireless CEO and constant advocate for the last 10 years — is somehow “unprofessional” and “graceless” would be laughable, were it not so incredibly incorrect and demeaning.

In his biting and mean-spirited statement, Bayne used the word “grace” to ostensibly describe his own candidate while simultaneously hinting that our outgoing and widely-respected First Selectman lacked such a quality. No doubt, it was intended to be a parting shot, however referring to women as “graceful” or “full of grace” is such a personal yet sexist thing to say. Would Bayne refer to a former male First Selectman as “graceful?” I’d venture to say he wouldn’t. It’s demeaning and women everywhere know it. Actually, Bayne’s tactless statement maligned all female leaders who have served over the past generation in one fell swoop — from both parties.

Town Democrats constantly state their desire for “inclusion” and “acceptance” and strive for a civilized exchange of ideas. It’s telling and alarming that at the birth of their campaign, the first thing the Democrat Chair offers is a pointed insult for the most successful First Selectman this town has ever seen. By the way, First Selectman Stevenson isn’t running again. What does Bayne hope to achieve by publicly disparaging her?

Bayne needs to read the room. This small, close-knit town knows better than to listen to such spiteful comments. Tearing others down to lift yourself and your candidate up is completely against what the Town of Darien is all about.

It’s tragic that even local Democrats have taken up the progressive left tactics of fostering divisiveness. This misguided approach is not a winning strategy. David Bayne and his Democrat candidate for First Selectman both owe Jayme a public apology. That would be the civilized thing to do.

My family and I offer Jayme Stevenson a huge debt of gratitude for her important and unparalleled service to the Town of Darien. We’ll be voting for Monica McNally, Jon Zagrodzky and Marcy Minnick in the fall to keep local control, and I hope you’ll join us.

Rachel Taylor

Republican Town Committee