To the Editor:

On behalf of all the Seniors who have participated in the drive-through lunch program funded by Corbin Cares, The Darien Foundation, The Community Fund of Darien, The Darien Lions Club and The Darien Land Trust, as well as so many other organizations and families a heartfelt thank you!

The restaurants who provided the lunches: Bistro Baldanza, Bodega, Ten Twenty Post, Upper Crust Bakery, Jakes Place and The Granola Bar did a phenomenal job of providing healthy delicious and varied food choices with a smile and great enthusiasm.

At a time that folks were frightened to go shopping, this program was truly a life saver. It also facilitated true connection to the community. Folks felt supported and cared for. In addition having the task of picking up the lunch helped to quell the anxiety that happens when folks feel isolated and their routines of daily life are taken! I too join in applauding all in the Darien community who made this offering possible!

I encourage seniors to call the Mather Center 203 656-7490 as we continue the Drive-Through program with Chef Judi and I remind you staff is available Monday- Friday from 8:00-3:00 to answer questions and concerns!

Beth Paris


Darien Senior Programs at Mather Center