To the Editor:

Thanks to the Democratic Party Cabal in Darien for their recent wake up call to those of us who wish to protect our town and rescue our state from years of ineptitude, incompetency and corruption.

The Action Network Darien Democrats (ANDD), a retrofitted, repackaged repository and booster for the same bad ideas and bad policies that have destroyed our state for the past 40 years, would seek to bring that same failure to our town and double down on incompetency in Hartford. In a recent opinion piece in this publication, they actually seemed to suggest that Darien is turning Democrat (rather funny since the recent municipal elections showed quite the opposite) and would channel this illusory “surge” toward replacing our own State Rep. Terrie Wood, the only Darien representative in Hartford who actually looks out for Darien.

But never, not once, have they said a bad word about their own State Sen. Bob Duff. Among other things, Bob sponsored or co-sponsor at least two Regionalization bills last year and then tried to claim (to his constituents in the Darien Library) that he had nothing whatsoever to do with any of them. He recently pulled a new high school for Norwalk out of his patronage hat - Amazingly with the State of Connecticut picking up 80% of the cost. But Bob, where is the other money coming from (Hopefully not from us!)?

Instead of playing partisan politics, the Actually Nothing Doing Democrats would better serve Darien by publicly taking one of their own to task - just once - for neglecting our town and working against its interests. They would like you to forget about Connecticut where Democrats have controlled the General Assembly for over 40 years. Their party completely owns this disaster that Connecticut has become. If you want real change in Hartford, regardless of party affiliation, you should vote Republican. If you do not want your property taxes to go up, your home values to go down (further) and your schools to be regionalized, electing more Democrats to Hartford is just plain dumb.

Electing fewer would be rather smart.

Alexander H. Davidson

Vice Chairman

Darien RTC