Letter: Darien Republicans reject the GOP

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Republican Party stood for something.

Perhaps it was a strong national defense or a belief in fiscal conservatism or the often-stated virtue of personal responsibility. Regardless of what once attracted voters to the party, it is safe to say that those characteristics have greatly diminished in value or no longer exist in the once proud GOP.

In fact, the party had no platform at all presented at its recent convention. What exists now is a cult masterminded by a defeated President, his personal attorney, and his political Svengali. Unfortunately for the country, every elected GOP representative (Save perhaps Governor Hogan of Maryland) continues to remain silent, afraid to stand up and say enough. This abhorrent display of behavior continues several weeks after losing the election. President-Elect Joe Biden, his team, and the entire country are being held hostage to the madness surrounding Trump’s childlike unwillingness, fueled by revenge, to cooperate with a smooth and orderly transition. All of this as the pandemic explodes across the country resulting in additional needless suffering and death.

The President’s personal attorney stood before us, fully endorsed, at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee, ranting about wild conspiracies and voter fraud that have no evidence or merit.

This is now who and what the Republican party is and what it stands for. Darien voters, including Republicans, know it. You turned out and rebuked the cult leader of the GOP in overwhelming numbers. You know better. You support science, climate change, and the truth. You have advocated for stricter gun legislation. You have marched here in huge numbers against racial injustice. You have rejected the Republican Party.

Randy Klein

The writer is the chairman of the Action Network of Darien Democrats