To the Editor:

Every year, thanks to the Darien Times, the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Darien provides an informational insert for the pre - election issue consisting of comments made by each candidate in response to questions prepared by a team of non partisan LWV volunteers. This year, in an effort to engage the community earlier in the process, we have decided to publish the questions now that will be sent to the candidates for municipal office. Candidates will receive a letter later this week outlining the specifications and due date for their response.

In addition, the LWV will sponsor a Candidates’ Night on October 23 at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Individuals may also submit their own questions for the candidates to discuss on Candidates’ Night by going to or visit the LWV website

Clara Sartori

Gwen Mogenson

Co Presidents LWV, Darien

Editor’s note: The Darien League of Women Voters’ Voters Guide will be published in the Oct. 31 print edition of The Darien Times.

Voters guide candidate questions:

First Selectman/ Selectmen 200 words

How can you or your Board be more proactive in alerting or engaging the public earlier in the decision making process regarding significant Town projects before decisions are made and the only recourse for public input is a late-in- the- process public hearing?

Board of Finance 200 words

What role should your Board have in guiding the Town’s overall spending profile?

Planning and Zoning 200 words

What are your primary considerations when reviewing a project?

Board of Education 200 words

How can the Board best plan to fund quality education and increased responsibility for the needs of its students, considering increased pressure to use more local property taxes to make up for the State’s fiscal shortfall?

RTM 100 words

What Town issue or concern is most important to you?

Would utilizing a Town issued email address assist you in communicating with or being more accessible to your constituents?

Treasurer 100 words

With increasing economic uncertainty, are you re evaluating the Town’s investment strategy?

Town Clerk 100 words

Are there opportunities to further increase the use of technology into the Town Clerk’s Office to improve services?

Tax Collector 75 words

What are your priorities for your upcoming term?

Board of Assessment Appeals 75 words

For Voter Education purposes please explain the responsibilities of your office?

Constables 75 words

For Voter Education purposes, please explain the responsibilities of your office?