Letter: Darien High students say they stand against hate, bigotry after social media post

DHS Community Council bracelets, say

DHS Community Council bracelets, say “DHS stands together against hate”


To the Editor:

Recently, the Darien High School community was saddened to learn of an Instagram account passing itself off as a “recognized representative” of Darien High School that posted a series of racist, hateful messages. We want to make it clear that DHS is in no way affiliated with this account. We are disheartened by the racist, inappropriate, and dangerous remarks that targeted our fellow students.

Words matter, and we are so sorry that members of our community, especially students of color, were hurt by the incredibly hateful words coming from this account. In the upcoming weeks, the Darien High School Community Council will be distributing bracelets that convey the simple message, “DHS stands together against hate.”

It is important for us to all stand together to protect all of our fellow students. It is essential that all of our classmates feel safe and valued while walking down the halls. We are hopeful that the perpetrator of this despicable act will be found and justice will be served. We want the student body to know that they have an ally in the DHS Community Council, students, faculty and the administration as we continue to address racism in our community.

The Darien High School Community Council

Charlie Pegler, president

Kate Sloan, vice president

Matthew Reynolds, communications director

Maddy Hult, secretary